Foreward by Simon Quellen Field

I was talking one day with my co-author, 11 year old A. Rabbit, about science, in particular about chemistry, which is her favorite subject. I was explaining that in much of science, the hard part is coming up with the right questions. Once you ask the right questions, half the work is done.

She had been reading a book that had two authors. One was a person with a special story to tell, and the other was a person who had written several books, and knew how to put the right words onto paper to tell the story well. Ms. Rabbit thought it might be fun to write a book, but thought she would need some assistance from someone who knew the ins and outs of the publishing business. I agreed to help her in her endeavors.

Ms. Rabbit then took the reins, and worked very hard, without any assistance, doing the hard part of science. She spent almost all of her free time coming up with page after page of questions about chemistry that she wished she knew the answers to.

When she had come up with an astounding 200 questions about chemistry, she made me a gracious and generous offer. She would split the profits from her book 50/50 with me, if I would do the easy part, and write the answers to the questions. I accepted her kind offer, and the result is this book.

Since the book was to have a companion web page, and her mother was concerned about an 11 year old girl having a public web presence, Ms. Rabbit came up with a pseudonym to use, a pun on her name in real life. Thus it is that the soon-to-be famous author A. Rabbit came to be.